Commercial Photo Gallery

COVID-19 sanitizing electrostatic

SERVPRO cleaning

SERVPRO techs all suited up with ppe appropriate for the cleaning service taking place.  Antimicrobial being applied via electrostatic spray and then follow up with a high touch wipe down.

COVID sanitizing

Commercial sanitizing

SERVPRO team performing a sanitizing service on a commercial property.  Fine mist or fog is applied to surfaces enabling the sanitizing product to take affect.  This process is a supplement to your normal janitorial type cleaning.

Commerical water loss

What to expect on day one with water damage?

You have water damage to your property and how will it get dried out?  SERVPRO has the drying equipment to do just that.  Here we have equipment getting set up on a commercial property to start the drying process.

Large loss commercial water damage

Water extraction

SERVPRO on site performing often the first step in getting your property restored.  Extraction of any loose water greatly speeds up the drying of affected building materials.  We have the proper equipment to respond quickly day or night.

PPE suits sanitizing

Sanitizing commericial property

SERVPRO on scene for a pre-sanitizing walkthrough.  Commercial property requested a sanitizing performed and SERVPRO responded quickly to care for their needs.  Work was completed within a few hours.  

Commercial drying equipment

Desiccant commercial drying

Commercial drying often requires heavy duty equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly.  Desiccant dehumidifiers (shown here) work well for drying dense building materials and in a wide variety of temperatures.