Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Garage water damage from slab

SERVPRO responded to slab leak affected garage floor, drywall and cabinets. Removal of affected material was made and dry out of the framing and slab. Slab le... READ MORE

Water Damaged Bathroom restored in Newport Beach, CA

This family’s Newport Beach residence experienced serious water damage. SERVPRO of Newport Beach has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential w... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling

This house had water damage in the ceiling. To fix the water damage we had to detach the cabinets and the drywall was removed to dry out framing. Typically att... READ MORE

Residential Dining Room Water Damage

This loss was due to water damage from the toilet supply line in the upstairs bathroom. In these photos you can visualize how much water there must have been wi... READ MORE

Rain Damage in Bar Area

Due to a heavy rain storm that hit Newport Beach, this customers’ bar area was affected badly. The area of Newport Beach is typically known for having har... READ MORE

Bathroom Ceiling Water Damage

This residence was the result of a heavy rain storm that hit Newport Beach. Unfortunately, heavy rain storms are inevitable and could do horrible damage to resi... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Water Damage

This homeowners kitchen ceiling damage was the result of a hard rain storm. If you look closely at the before photo you can notice the water damage beginning to... READ MORE